This is a list of all the mods Magic Bees adds content for.


Required for Magic Bees to work.

Thaumcraft 4Edit

Adds bees that produce Thaumcraft resources, as well as adding Aspects to Forestry items and Thaumium equivalents of Forestry tools.

ARS MagicaEdit

Adds bees that produce elemental Essences.

Equivalent Exchange 3Edit

At the moment, the only addition is the Minium Bee, which produces Minium Shards, but there will be more content in the future.

Tinkers' ConstructEdit

Adds bees that produce various metals, as well as some of the higher tier alloys.

Thermal Expansion 3Edit

Adds several bees that help produce various Thermal Expansion materials, such as Cryotheum and Enderium.


A few Effects, such as Transmutation, affect Railcraft blocks.

Extra BeesEdit

Adds a few bees that require Extra Bees bees to be bred.

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